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Additional Information to Research before Using the Metro Trip Planner Los Angeles

Los Angeles has the premiere entertainment establishments that make it a top destination for travelers. Being a major city in California, travelers exploring the city’s next concern is keeping themselves from being lost. Fortunately, Metro trip planner Los Angeles can help you in getting around the city with ease.

Using detailed information entered on the planner will give travelers an idea which line or bus will take them to their destinations. But more than the destination’s site, vacationers must also know some bits of information that will be useful along the way.

Rail Advisories

Metro transportation service is well-known for its highly maintained railways. Regular maintenance makes the rail line safe for commuters while assuring a comfortable ride. Therefore, some lines may have scheduled maintenance several times a day, which may affect travel time. For instance, a line may have midday or late night maintenance every 20 minutes or so. Rail advisories are posted on Metro’s website and worth checking to see if your day has scheduled maintenance to properly plan your travel schedule with the help of the Metro trip planner Los Angeles.

Fare Options

Being aware of available fare options is among the traveling basics. Tourists will know which fare option is accepted and be familiarized with them before the tour. For Metro, fares can be paid using a TAP card or tokens. TAP card is a reloadable plastic card with embedded electronic chip. Tap this card on box validators when riding buses or trains and fare is paid. TAP cards can be purchased at vending machine for one dollar or two dollars when bought from pass vendors.

Tokens are also available for bus rides. Paying with cash is fine for buses, but travelers need to prepare exact change.

Discount Fares

Discounted fares are offered for senior citizen age 62 and above, K-12 students, disabled and Medicare members. Discounts range from 50 cents and up. Metro trip planner Los Angeles may note the fare discounts upon entering the trip detail.

Silver Line and Express

Metro Silver Line is the line connecting the El Monte Station and Harbor Gateway Transit Center. Metro Express is the group of buses traveling from Downtown Los Angeles to South Bay and vice-versa. Knowing Silver Line and Express buses is essential because they have special fares.

Safe Riding

Understanding safety tips is crucial for every traveler. The city may have different regulations for riding public utility vehicles. Most of the tips are general safety tips, but some special ones will prevent encountering problems with the Metro authorities.

Consulting the Metro trip planner Los Angeles will be helpful for traveling, for more information you can get out more at Researching additional information about these points will also be beneficial as part of the trip. Take note of these while planning and be confident while exploring the city.